This is the story of INCAS, how Susanne Bräutigam, the founder of INCAS tells us with sparkling eyes:

As Susanne came back to Aachen after her period of study abroad in Spain in May 2000, she decided to work as student assistant at the university. At this time she had a friend from Colombia who was new in Aachen and needed help by searching for an accommodation because he did not speak German well. She discovered that there were no student organizations, which supported international students at the RWTH in these cases.

At the same time the International Office decided to organize the first welcome event for international students at the RWTH and Susanne helped as student assistant to arrange this event. During this time she developed the idea of an international centre, for all students, who needed help and wished to meet and build friendships with students from other countries.

After the welcome event, which did really well, Susanne had been asked by the International Office to follow her idea and create such an international meeting point, called INCAS. It was March 2001. Until July 2001 INCAS could count already 6 members!

And how came INCAS to the color of „Orange“? At the beginning INCAS had to use printing materials of the international office to publish their flyers and had to choose between light yellow, mint-green and orange! Guess which color they chose!