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Registration for the Language Tandem
Please make sure that your email is correct, as it will be the only means for us to communicate with you

Format: dd-mm-YYYY If you are only staying for a certain time in Aachen, or only have time for a tandem during a certain time, enter the expiry date here. You need to add a date. After this date your tandem request will be set inactive!!!
Add all the languages that you can teach here. Please only add the languages which you can really teach! Additionally mark those that you are native in.
Add all the languages that you would like to have a tandem for here. If you don't care about the specific language your partner should speak, please select "* any".
If you select TWO languages this means that you would like to have TWO tandems.
You can also specify if you would like to have a native speaker as a partner.
Checking the native speaker box may lead to long waiting times, as for some languages (eg. English) there are not many native speakers in our database.
For a better match, please describe your level of the language you want to learn and non-native languages you can teach. The more information you give about your level, the better we can match you. Further you can add here any additional comments.